Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let's Be Honest

Alright now, let's be honest. We all remember that breakout song of 2000, Graduation (Friends Forever). I remember chilling in my best friend's car freshman year, already feeling nostalgic about what our graduation would be like. I don't remember exactly what sort of goals I had for myself back then; I just remember feeling as though the next four years were going to take their dear, sweet time to pass and then I'd go off to college somewhere. At least I was right on one account! I did make it to college but in retrospect, the years flew. Honestly, it's a little insane.

Anyway, this song was on the 69 cent list on iTunes and I felt compelled to buy it since it had played such a big role in my formative years. As I was jamming out to my new purchase, I came across this which is probably the stark honest depiction of what actually happens after graduation (with a few token exceptions of some of my still-best friends).

On another completely irrelevant note but slightly related to the whole 'change is swift' thing: I had to buy my baby sister a pregnancy test yesterday. Traumatizing experience? I think yes. Still processing.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Just last week, temperatures hit an all-time low here in University Town and it started snowing. Not quite London snow but a pretty impressive fall nonetheless. Class was canceled and so, after sleeping in, we gallivanted about taking the obligatory snowscape pictures.

J shoving me into a pile of snow. If I hadn't been wearing about 10 layers, I probably would've killed him right then and there.
The ever adorable A and S! In a completely staged yet completely adorable walking while laughing picture.
Our amazing snowman, coming in at 12 inches, Gertrude! By the time we got around to building him, the snow had started to melt and there just wasn't enough to make him very impressive so we got creative with accessories.

The roommates and I with Gertrude :) He lived well into the next day, bringing smiles to the faces of anyone who happened to walk by our lovely apartment.

The Great Spring Break Debate

As Spring Break draws tantalizingly near (only 23 more days!!), people like me and J are looking forward to the warmer weather. We had another ice day today (not that I'm complaining) and another windchill temperature in the negatives. Not to beat a dead horse or anything but yeah, I really hate the cold. Which is WHY, for Spring Break, J and I are going to begin planning our trip to THIS lovely place!

(Google Images)

We're lucky enough to have similar tastes in vacation destinations so this was a no-brainer. My friend, A, however, is not as lucky. See, she's also a warm-weather creature like myself. Her boyfriend, S, is some sort of polar bear or something. His greatest love in life is probably snowboarding and A's is taking cruises. Normally, this isn't a big deal but for Spring Break, it has sparked some debate. See, their group of friends and my former "friends" are going skiing in New Mexico. I, not being invited and being the resilient person I am, didn't let it phase me too much. It was fine. J couldn't have cared less but S lost himself in complete happiness. This was his dream come true.

Now A was a little distressed. She had wanted to go somewhere warm for the vacation and she felt a little uncomfortable about going with this particular group since Evil Roommate has been trying to make moves on her man since freshman year. Still, they're going. A, on a daily basis, cannot decide if this is what she wants to do or not. She wants to share in something that S enjoys and she wants to spend the break with him. However, it is quite a costly trip for broke college students such as ourselves and if it weren't for S, it would be a no-brainer: she wouldn't go. This has caused tension in their relationship lately. As of now, she's going but arguably, unhappily. 

So I ask you, blogosphere, what do you think she should do? Clearly, this is nothing something she wants to do. And it doesn't help that S has yet to go to California with her though she's been begging since their first date. Should A go to the winter wonderland and be miserable? Would you go with your SO to a place you weren't fond of, even if it didn't seem too thrilled to have you accompany him? These are issues beyond my knowledge.

On a much brighter note, we had an Ice Day today and made Mexican hot chocolate and taquitos. We curled up in big, fluffy bathrobes and watched Fried Green Tomatoes which is actually a really adorable movie and ate Chinese food that left me feeling incredibly bloated. I guess it's the little things.

Friday, February 4, 2011

This is all I have to say.

One of the reasons I chose to stay in Texas was because of the weather. Sunny. Wonderful. But then something happened and it became nineteen degrees outside and, to borrow a post from my Ally Abroad post, this is STILL exactly how I feel.