Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let's Be Honest

Alright now, let's be honest. We all remember that breakout song of 2000, Graduation (Friends Forever). I remember chilling in my best friend's car freshman year, already feeling nostalgic about what our graduation would be like. I don't remember exactly what sort of goals I had for myself back then; I just remember feeling as though the next four years were going to take their dear, sweet time to pass and then I'd go off to college somewhere. At least I was right on one account! I did make it to college but in retrospect, the years flew. Honestly, it's a little insane.

Anyway, this song was on the 69 cent list on iTunes and I felt compelled to buy it since it had played such a big role in my formative years. As I was jamming out to my new purchase, I came across this which is probably the stark honest depiction of what actually happens after graduation (with a few token exceptions of some of my still-best friends).

On another completely irrelevant note but slightly related to the whole 'change is swift' thing: I had to buy my baby sister a pregnancy test yesterday. Traumatizing experience? I think yes. Still processing.

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