Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Just last week, temperatures hit an all-time low here in University Town and it started snowing. Not quite London snow but a pretty impressive fall nonetheless. Class was canceled and so, after sleeping in, we gallivanted about taking the obligatory snowscape pictures.

J shoving me into a pile of snow. If I hadn't been wearing about 10 layers, I probably would've killed him right then and there.
The ever adorable A and S! In a completely staged yet completely adorable walking while laughing picture.
Our amazing snowman, coming in at 12 inches, Gertrude! By the time we got around to building him, the snow had started to melt and there just wasn't enough to make him very impressive so we got creative with accessories.

The roommates and I with Gertrude :) He lived well into the next day, bringing smiles to the faces of anyone who happened to walk by our lovely apartment.

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