Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Neville

Hello blogging world! I'm sorry for being so sporadic with my updates. I was reading through my travel blog and got super depressed about the fact that I didn't do such a great job updating it and therefore, probably forgot a lot of details I might have remembered had I blogged. But that's life! ANYWAY, I have returned to announce the newest addition to my life: Baby Neville

I know that's not the most flattering picture but he's a live wire and refuses to hold still for more than 5 minutes. Well, that's not entirely true. He is a cuddler. At 4 months old, his favorite thing to do is crawl into your lap and fall asleep. He likes to sleep in beds, watch TV with you, plop himself down on your keyboard when you're trying to work... you know, kitten stuff :) He was supposed to be a resident of my college apartment but, unfortunately, long-term pets are not allowed here so, after rescuing him from the pound, Amelia and I didn't have the heart to send him back. Especially since it was pretty clear that he loves people and has horrible separation anxiety. SO, my parents offered to take him in.

Now, he loves with his new brother, Sirius and the two mostly get along. They fight, they cuddle, no bigs.

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