Sunday, January 30, 2011

"They liked lights in the 70's"

I live in a wonderful place, folks. It's got an adorable porch swing and a vintage Parisian theme going on in the living room. It's got brand-new carpet and Christmas lights in the curtains! (Cooler than it sounds, promise). The only problem I have with this main room is that there are no main lights. The light switch just inside the door only turns on our Christmas lights and one lamp. We put another lamp in the back but it doesn't really do much. And, to make matters worse, we really don't get a lot of natural light coming in through the window. It just makes you wonder, what is it with the lack of light going on here?

In other news, the weekend is coming to a close and J and mine's year and a half celebration is coming up in 9 days! I may have never said it on here but before this, and arguably even know, I was completely inept at relationships. I just wasn't into that whole scene and now look at me. Pretty much functional :) But before any celebrations can begin, piles of homework have to be contended with and I have an update on the evil roommate too, but alas, that shall also wait for another time.

Hope everyone's had a good weekend!

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