Thursday, October 27, 2011


There are some things I absolutely love about college. There are the football games

The very random roadtrips

And an assortment of other things that make me so grateful for this stage in my life. BUT there is definitely one thing about college that I'm definitely not going to miss and it's how midterms, sickness, attendance policies that force ill people to come to class and my weak immune system all come to be friends towards the end of October. Without fail, every single year, I get sick. My sophomore year, it was so bad that I actually ended up getting the swine flu!

This year, I've been fighting against it with everything I could but today, I officially fell ill and have been snuggled up in bed with some Vicks, Dayquil and flaky biscuits. It is no good I tell you since this is also the busiest time of the semester :| Hopefully this passes soon since next weekend is the conference I've been prepping for in one of my classes! As is, it's already a stressful experience. I don't want to add being sick to the mix. So here's to a quick recovery time!

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