Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crazy Times

I know I've been gone a long tie but my absence was prompted by the fact that I lost my camera :( I had all these blog posts lined up and now, I'm just waiting for my camera to re-appear to get them all to you!

Anyway, the past two weekends, I've been performing in this show my school puts on. About 15 groups put together a 7-minute song and dance act and the top 8 are chosen to perform at homecoming! We didn't win but I had a blast dressing up like a pillager and managed to make some new friends. I got to watch the show on Saturday and there were some pretty talented people :) Winning or losing never really mattered to me, though so I wasn't devastated. Plus, J had brought home gorgeous flowers and who can be upset when a guy that sweet is around?

I also caved this week and bought Ballet Slipper pink from Essie. It was the one thing I PROMISED myself I would buy when I went to Target but of course, I ended up buying a million other things I didn't need. It reminded me of this nifty comic:

Now I'm just wrapping up this great weekend with some not-so-nice defensive driving. I guess it's my recompense for driving 60 in a 55. Or I could amuse myself with watching J attempting to kill a football-size mosquito. You know, either one :)

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