Monday, February 27, 2012

The Brevity of What is Lived

I'm not sure I've said it on here but I'm an English and Spanish minor! That means that, since my major (International Studies) is finished, I spend most of this semester reading novels, poetry and trying to extract meaning from them. It's hard enough in English most of the time but change it into Spanish and the work takes me ten times longer but it is rewarding when I finally get something :) In one of my readings for my tomorrow, I came across this gem:

Ayer se fue; ma ñ ana no ha llegado;
hoy se está yendo sin parar un punto:
soy un fue, y un será, y un es cansado.

Because of the way the Spanish language is constructed, translations, especially of poetry, lose that bit of "something" but I will attempt to translate it anyway. If you see anything horrendously wrong, feel free to correct me! After all, I'm still a student :)

Yesterday is gone; tomorrow has not come;
Today is leaving without a single stop:
I am a 'was', a 'will be' and a tired 'is'.

I'm not sure why it struck me except for the fact that it is beautifully crafted. Maybe it's because it reminds me of the brevity of the time we live and the importance of enjoying that time. On that note, J and I will not be home for the next three weekends! That's right, almost the entire month of March!

This coming weekend, I'm judging a high school debate tournament in San Antonio. Next weekend, we're going out to a friend's lakehouse and the weekend after that, we will be in CALIFORNIA! It's going to be a busy month, but I'm excited :) After all, there's a kind of excitement in running all over the place! Does anyone else have these crazy months that come and go?

And a snippet from last weekend: (I apologize for my appearance but I HAD just finished pillaging!)

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