Monday, December 27, 2010

Genetics. Friends. Uh-oh.

So I've been gone for a semester, this has been established. and while I was off making wonderful new friends and while I've been spending my Christmas re-connecting with the people who have known me for the past seven years and have gotten me through some of my worst and best moments, there is still one distinct group of people that I have yet to see. My university friends.

I think it's important to note, first, that when I went away for university, I was at a really weird stage in my life. I was trying to adjust to life 'on my own'; trying to figure out who I had been in high school and who I wanted to be and I fell into a group of people wondering the very same thing. As we got older and figured out who we would be, it became evident that we were becoming very, very different people. The only problem was that everyone else was becoming more the same while I was becoming increasingly different. The brand-spanking-new black sheep of the family. I know it's horrible to say but I've never been the black sheep before. My home friends, for all our differences, make a great group together. We understand that we've all chosen different things we want from life and different paths to get those things but we live each other. The time for judgment has passed. The university group isn't quite there yet nor will I think it will ever get there.

There is one exception to the above paragraph. My best university friend, who we'll call M, is absolutely wonderful. We haven't seen each other in six months but every time we find the time to talk, it's like we were never apart. She was the one who changed more along my way of change. We're very much the same though I'm the much more cynical and sarcastic and blatant about the way I feel, and she's a complete optimist and kind to the core. Mostly. We tend to share the same taste in who we like and what type of personalities we dislike but while I generally refuse to hide it, she's fake-nice for a living so she's generally the more well-liked one, too. ANYWAY, despite this exception, my university friends and I have about nothing in common. At all. I was just perusing through a facebook album and my first thought upon seeing their pictures was, "This is what I'm sentenced to now?" I SWEAR, I AM NOT A HORRIBLE PERSON. And I felt so terrible about even thinking this. They are wonderful people and I'm sure they entertain themselves marvelously but it is just not for me. I outgrew that kind of stuff at about age six. No joke.

Gah, I swear. That was out of line but I am a nice person. I just wish I got along with more people :/ I think it's genetic though.

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