Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Writer?

So there's this movie I love, which we'll accurately call Moulin Rouge. Now I know it's not for everyone and I've met my fair share of people who weren't big fans but I am. Really big. If you're wondering if I wandered through the red-light district for this photo... yes, I did. So I think my fandom comes across well. UNFORTUNATELY, that's mostly irrelevant to the content of this post. What is relevant is the following quote from said movie:

"I'm a writer."
"A writer?!"

 Simple enough quote but I really love the delivery. I love the complete and total disbelief in her voice because I know that tone. Because, even though I'm pursuing a degree in International Studies, the truth is, I'm a writer. I've even written a book once. Don't worry, though. You've probably never read it. The 100,000-some word manuscript was only ever made into three, spiral-bound copies and handed to a select group of readers; all of whom fell in love with it. Unfortunately, my inability to describe this book resulted in my inability to find an agent. I just couldn't sell my plot and so, I was rejected. By probably everyone in the literary world. It was THAT tragic. In the following two years, I've been working on this book. Cranking out edits and twisting the plot. Originally, it was my four years of high school condensed to take place within one academic year. Like I said, I suck at summaries but it really was an interesting book. At the time I started writing it, I was writing about what was happening in the day to day. The emotion was undeniably raw. It wasn't until the later stages that I threw in past events that had happened years ago to progress the plot; to enhance characters.

Now, that story's been taken and put in an entirely new context and LOOK AT THAT, I'm getting off track. While I do plan on telling all you wonderful people about my book, what I wanted to do was warn you. This has become a minor-obsession of mine. I've cranked out at least half a million words towards this endeavor and I don't think I'll be able to rest NOT until I get an agent but until I come up with an end product I'm proud of. And apparently, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to this sort of thing. Who knew?

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