Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Opening

I went abroad and got to travel the world (essentially) for three months, accompanied by the boyfriend (J) and the group of people who would collectively come to be known as the flatmates. As of December 20, that story has reached it's natural conclusion. Minus the fact that poor J is still stuck in London because of weather and ticket booking nonsense and won't be back stateside until the 26th. So while I'm hoping he doesn't go all Jack Nicholson in the Shining on me, I think he's holding up well and don't worry, you'll receive a full report when he's back home (which, coincidentally, is four hours away from the place I call home).

A full account of September 18-December 20 (minus a few recaps I still need to type up) can be found here: An Ally Abroad

We go back to school January 5th (technically the 10th but I have a fair amount of moving in to do) and I start my 3rd to last semester of college, which will be filled with internship-searching, thesis-writing, LSAT-taking escapades. With some fun along the way (hopefully).

But because I doubt there's much demand for the carrying-abouts of a college junior, I suppose this will be more of a journal type thing. I just like knowing I'm putting something out into the world, for people to read and maybe even relate to. I know that, generally, my generation is still looked down upon as having only trivial things to say but that's really not true. Because it's always been my dream to sound like a cliche, I have to say, experience has changed me. All kinds, not just limited to my past semester (which certainly opened my eyes and changed my perception of pretty much… everything). I'm not sure I'll ever talk about all of them. Mostly they're not my stories to tell. They're things that have happened to people I know and love and because I know and love them, they are stories that have affected me. That have changed me and have continued to do so throughout my formative years. And experiences, I've found, don't discriminate based on gender, age, race or anything. They happen to absolutely everyone at absolutely arbitrary times.

So while I may not be writing about anything earth-shattering, I'm writing about experiences that I need to write about. Experiences that, maybe, someone else has gone through, too.

“Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.”

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