Sunday, December 26, 2010

London 2012

I won't lie. I really miss London. I didn't realize how much until I had a dream last night that I was wandering down Tottenham Court Road. That's all. Nothing exciting; no wonderful plot. I was just walking down this street, taking in all the lights. One of my best memories in London came when I was shopping for J's Christmas present. I was going at it on my own, popped in my headphones and walked. Looking at all the shops, the chilling wind and the bustling sidewalks.

See, London really is my kind of place. While this normally wouldn't be a bold statement it is because I'm one of those weird people who don't really belong anywhere. I mean that in the best, non-angst-filled way. I wasn't made for extended exposure to the country-side or small towns, which is strike one against my present university. I don't like cities like Los Angeles or New York because... well, in the short run they're wonderful but I feel I would get really stressed out staying there for too long. It's just so urban. And a little greasy. But again, that's just me. To me, London has everything I hadn't found before. Yes, it was urban. Yes, places like Piccadilly Circus was a lot like a little Times Square. Hyde Park could've been mistaken for Central Park from a distance but there was something else. Something that made it different. There was unmistakable history on every street corner. There was a different manner of doing things that permeated the air. I know part of that comes from being in a different country but maybe that's what I needed. A breath of fresh air.

And, I found it. Looking for a small reprieve, a change of scenery, I found the place I love. A place that reflects all the aspects of my personality. And I miss it a lot.

London 2012? Yes? Maybe? The hunt for tickets is on :]

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