Monday, November 21, 2011

In the Next 36 Hours...

I have so much I haven't blogged about! Like my weekend trip to Austin, a pretty crazy football game and other odds and ends but unfortunately, the craziness that was term paper week has spilled over into the weeks that followed. In 36 hours, I will be driving back home for Thanksgiving but until then, some pretty crazy things have to happen.

1. I will have to conjure 4000 words in the next 12 hours. Minus 2 for class. Minus 3 for a MUCH needed nap. 7 hours.
2. I will FINALLY go see Breaking Dawn with the roommate :) Do not judge!
3. I will take a test I haven't started studying for
4. I will review a merits brief
5. I will do MORE work on the insane International Law project we were assigned
6. I will rehearse for a meeting with the university president

And I'm just going to stop there because this list is getting overwhelming. But when all this is over and I enjoy my Wednesday/Thursday/Friday (because that weekend will be devoted to more work), I will catch you up on current happenings :) Until then, wish me luck!

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