Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spring Break: The Last Day

I promise this insane photo dump is coming to an end and ending with, you guessed it! more pictures of food.

M came by to grab her things and we bid her a sad farewell. One thing that sucks about one of your best friends being in the Navy and stationed in WASHINGTON STATE is that you never really get to see them unless they're on emergency family leave or it's a holiday. Since neither of those things have really happened, this is actually the last picture I have with her (Until Christmas of course!)

We took in more of California and J really came to appreciate palm trees, leading him to wonder why we don't plant some in College Town, Texas.

We ate. Of course. But can you blame me? How delicious does this look?

I had my second ever banana split! (!!!)

And then some frozen yogurt though I wasn't the least bit hungry. But, sadly, there's not a Pinkberry anywhere close to where I live and it seemed like such a waste to pass up this opportunity. Across the street, J was getting a mojito and ran into the waiter we had had the night before (remember the crab-stuffed shrimp? He was the guy who recommended that). We were glad we had tipped him well and assured him that we weren't stalking him. I'm not sure if he believed us but he seemed cool about it and commented that we were the only customers who had ever found him at both of his jobs. STILL, it was PURELY incidental. Maybe I tried to find him on Facebook later but it was only because he was that cool.

And that wrapped up our Californian adventures :) While it satisfied by wanderlust for a while, I wouldn't mind going back sometime soon. Especially when the weather is a teensy bit warmer so J can really get a taste of the wonderfulness that is California.

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