Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spring Break Day 2

Day 2! Wahoo!

So the day started out with breakfast because I am a complete sucker for breakfast food. Luckily, J indulges me in this and did not complain about walking in the rain to find this delightful little place.

Maybe he looks a little unhappy but they took forever getting the pancakes to us!

We went back and hung around the room for a while because M is most definitely NOT a breakfast person or a morning person and refused to move from her window bed until 11. (You can see the window bed in the back!)

Then, once she was ready, we headed out for more food! more Tex-Mex! Or Cal-Mex? I'm not even entirely sure. Again: total sucker for ALL food if we're being real.

It was right by the beach so we popped by and had a photo shoot since it was still too cold to do much else.

We started walking around Pacific Beach where, we found out, M has Snow White like abilities to call animals to her. Who knew?

Then we found the most entertaining little shop that was actually 20 shops in one building. We spent a solid 3 hours here, probably boring J out of his pretty little head.

At some point, after the wig-trying-on debacle in which M had an entire store fitting her for wigs she had no intention of buying (it all just got so out of hand...) she was approached by a man who was high out of his mind offering us flowers. After spending a semester in Europe and being well-versed in the ways of creepy men offering foliage, I turned him down politely but M accepted and we continued on our merry way to Starbucks. It wasn't until we were in the bathroom that she asked me why I hadn't taken one.

Me: "I don't know. They're just kind of creepy. It's like, why are you giving me flowers? At 11 at night? High out of your mind?"

M: Pause. "What do you think he meant when he said 'Spread the love' when he gave it to me?"

Me: "Maybe just pay it forward?"

M: "OH MY GOODNESS, DO YOU THINK IT HAS AN STD ON IT? It does. It probably has herpes on it or something and I touched it! Ahhhheajtr."

She washed her hand for about fifteen minutes, disposed of the flower and hounded our taxi driver the entire way back to the hotel, asking if there were men known to hand out STDs on the street.

Yes. This happened.

Finally, we went in search of the alleged sauna and hot tub that were supposed to have been on the roof. There was none of those things. It was just cold and despite this smile, I was frowning on the inside.

Stay tuned for Day 3!

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