Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Way Back Wednesday

I think I'm going to start making a tradition of this :) Just because I like to reminisce and there really are a few stories that might never get told otherwise! ANYWAY, Once upon a time, the Roomz and I were in a sorority. I don't know why we ever thought this was a good idea for us since we had a hard enough time getting along with girls as it was and we weren't really into the frat boy scene but, we decided we wanted to give it a try.

One of the really great things about sororities is that they're always giving you a bunch of reasons to get dressed up all fancy and take nice pictures :) Since then, we've quit but before we did that, we were able to attend one last semi-formal.

We took lots of silly pictures...

J and I were our naturally adorable selves... (Can you believe we'd only been dating like, 6 months here?? So crazy)

The dance wasn't really what we expected and by that I mean it was on a lawn with maybe one spotlight for the whole place, it was very cold, the food was gone by the time we got there and the DJ had gone AWOL. So of course we did what any college kid would do and went to Wendy's where we proceeded to order a feast and take some more ridiculous pictures

Do I ever regret not staying at that dance? No. No, I don't.

Happy Wednesday, people :)

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