Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spring Break Day 3

And here we go!

Day 3, we woke up to beautiful, warm weather! (Finally) And I was glad J was finally getting to experience the California I know and love.

We ate at the most delicious little cafe by some railroad tracks. The food was perfect, the lemonade was fresh, the sun was shining and we had a gorgeous view. I really couldn't have asked for anything more.

J occasionally likes to point out that I am obsessed with photographing my food. This is true.

Then we headed off to the zoo! Coincidentally, I am in love with zoos and was prepared to spend the ENTIRE day there. My compatriots, unfortunately, were not.

Regardless, we went to the reptile house first, where I was sufficiently creeped out. (PS- I HAVE TO upload the video of J as the Snake Whisperer. I know it sounds like it can't possibly be true but the video will blow your mind. Keep an eye out for it.)

We waited in line to see the pandas which J absolutely fell in love with :) You can see it if you squint and look REALLY closely.

I was a fan of this camera-shy bonobo...

And this giraffe

And this boy :)

And this peacock that was accosting people on the sidewalk.

Then we said bye to M, who was going to spend the night on a friend's sailboat, and J and I headed back to the island for dinner.

J had never been to the beach at sunset and I had never been to the beach at sunset wit a boyfriend and it was as romantic as everyone would have you believe. It was incredible :)

And of course, because I'm that food photographying obsessed girl, we ate an UNBELIEVABLE dinner of crabbed stuffed, bacon-wrapped shrimp which
A) revealed the fact that I am NOT allergic to shellfish, like I had previously believed and
B) it is possible to become addicted to mashed potatoes.

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