Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spring Break 2011

For reasons I don't understand, I just can't seem to remember to blog about big things. I realized I mentioned that I would spending Spring Break in San Diego and I never blogged about how it went! So without further ado, spring break :)

This was J's first time going to California and I was so excited for him! I had gone to San Diego once before and had had an absolutely amazing time and I was so ready to share that with him :)

We checked into our room which turned out to be absolutely gorgeous and headed out to Coronado Island to meet with my navy friend, M!

The first thing we did was dine on delicious Mexican food. It's something we have plenty of in Texas but J and I are kind of addicted to it and it's ALMOST as delicious in San Diego as it is here ;)

M showed us around Coronado, which used to be where she lived until her boat got shipped to Washington State. According to her, this was her first time seeing the sun in months and she kept squinting and demanding to go tanning, even when it was 50 degrees outside.

And unfortunately, it was 50 degrees out :( (Who knew the weather got that way in California? It was March!) So M took us to her navy base so I could buy a jacket on discount! I had absolutely refused to pack jeans and sweaters because it was spring break and I was in some kind of denial.

It was very cold.

After roaming around the island until dark, we realized we didn't have a way to get back to the hotel. I wasn't opposed to getting a cab but M insisted that she knew a way to get us back for cheap. (Note: I love M but she has never had a good idea in the entire time I've known her. This is not an exaggeration.) First, she made us take the bus to the apartment where M had been staying to pick up her luggage. We were joined by a rolly bag, a duffel bag full of shoes and another full of alcohol. She's kind of crazy. (Another note: she was staying in the ghetto.) So we trekked back to the bus stop where we rode to a train that basically took us to Tijuana and back. That train broke down and, with all of M's luggage, we had 2 minutes to run clear across a parking lot to the last train that was heading into the Gaslight District, where we were staying. So we ran and ran. Some bottles broke, some people screamed and I leapt on to the train at the last minute, squishing in between a group of men and the door.

I sustained very REAL injuries but played it off like a champ.

M decided that she 'knew' which stop was ours and forced us off the train a solid 5 miles away from our hotel. Of course it started to rain and we didn't have umbrellas or ponchos and were still carting around all of this luggage. M kept leading us in every which direction and refused to let us act for directions until it started to pour and she got hungry. It turns out we had been walking in the opposition direction BUT, after much adventuring, we made our way back.

I didn't realize how much had happened in the first day haha I guess tomorrow, I'll have to come back with Spring Break, Day 2 :) But at the rate I'm going, it'll probably be another 3 months before it shows up. I suck.

Disclaimer: M is actually a wonderful person and an amazing friend. She's just a bit feisty, very opinionated and finds trouble absolutely everywhere she goes. She's a doll :)

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