Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Way Back Yesterday

A year ago today...

We started out as a group of Batman villains and of course, Scream. We had a Batman. We had worked hard on our costumes and had brainstormed on our themes until October 30th.

We made our way into Central London, a group of costumed merry-makers taking up a whole cart. You would not believe the looks people gave us haha

There was a little of this

A little of that

And A LOT of ridiculous dance moves and impromptu photo shoots as our makeup started to run and our costumes got a little scarier. At least J's definitely did. Did I ever share the story of his run-in with the pedestrians? We were leaving the club and a guy walking by called out to J, asking him why he was so serious. J, in all his creepy splendor, limped towards him, laughing maniacally. Needless to say, the minute J got within 10 feet of him, the guy BOLTED.

By the time we left, my feet were killing me, I was freezing and super excited about hopping into my nice, warm bed. We walked to the bus stop across the street and waited. Waited. Waited for about half an hour and no bus came :( Half of us decided the bus probably wasn't going to show up and so we started our trek in search of the next bus stop. For reasons I don't even remember, none of us had a smart phone with us so we wandered, analyzing the bus routes posted on each of the stops. Can you believe that it took us about 45 minutes of walking before we found a bus headed our way? We literally walked over half of the way home. It was slightly ridiculous.

But all of this was a year ago today :) Happy, happy times.

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